Features of women’s back training

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In past articles and videos, we have covered what exercises maximize back width and symmetrical muscle development, how to solve back problems such as lordosis, scoliosis and slouching. These were basic useful concepts that will work for men, women, and teenagers alike.

In this article I want to reveal exactly “female approach to the training process” and what exercises should be removed, and which ones are better to include, if you want not to “swing the broadest”, but to keep the proportions and make your back muscles stronger.

A little bit of physiology….

For easy understanding, the back muscles can be divided into three parts:

    1. The upper trapezius muscle
    2. The middle section, which includes the bottom of the trapezius muscle, the plantar, round, rhomboid muscles, and the top of the broadest muscle.
    3. The lower section includes the broadest muscles

Let’s take into account the upper back, namely the trapezius muscles. Girls should ignore this area, as these muscles are considered unwanted for pumping. The more the trapezius is pumped, the more the neck is visually shortened, and its wide appearance (neck) makes the girl look masculine. Especially, this happens if the technique of exercises is not correct, fast (not focused on the target muscles), then there is a greater likelihood of “swinging the neck”. Also the trapezius takes all the work on itself when your muscles are tired and are not able to “pull the weight”, in this case the upper back helps in refining the exercise.

For the record, the trapezius muscle is involved to some degree in each of the exercises that are done on the back.


Few women can boast of a beautiful long neck, and with age this situation is aggravated. As for many exercises, it is also worth considering that the wrong amplitude and inclination will also load the unwanted muscles, that is trapezius.

Exacerbate the situation: shrugs, reverse shrugs, chin pulls, T-pulls and incline pulls with huge weight and poor technique.

The more hypertrophied trapezius can cause diseases such as osteochondrosis and accompanied by neck pain and constant head spasms.

As for the broadest muscles.

More than once you’ve heard that “the bigger the broadest muscles, the narrower the waist looks. So, pump your widest! But, is it true?
There is the other side of the coin-it’s the short waist. Undoubtedly, the waist becomes narrower due to the broadest part, but also shorter, due to the sharp rise of the bottom of the broadest part. Men do not lose anything if they swing “wings” to make a massive back, well a we girls lose … lose a long narrow waist. If you’re not a competitive athlete, you don’t need to rock your lower back.

To exacerbate the situation: pull-ups with a wide grip with a heavy weight.

QUESTION. What should girls then emphasize?

The answer is obvious. The middle part of the back.

Groups of exercises:

  1. Vertical pulls.
  2. Vertical pull with a wide grip to the chin
  3. Vertical pull with a wide grip behind the head
  4. Crossover pullover with rope handle





  1. Horizontal pulls
  2. Standing barbell pull with a high forward incline
  3. Hammer pull with two hands/one hand
  4. Horizontal pull with a wide grip
  5. Dumbbell alternating dumbbell bench press





The technique of back exercises you can see in the informative video “Features of training the female back” on our website or on Youtube channel BODYBUILD CHERNIGOV.


Have a beautiful back 🙂

Author of the article:

Nastya Vershinina (instagram.com/realcurl),

personal trainer of Bodybuild Chernigov


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