Memo for beginners

Good day to all athletes who visited our site. This article will be useful both for beginners, as a kind of sports memo, and experienced athletes, because repetition is the mother of learning!

Many beginners start their athletic career by watching YouTube and studying sports information. Others rely on coaches, trusting them with their destiny. But the internet is full of outdated and unreliable information, and the world is full of incompetent, self-taught coaches who are clearly convinced they are right. That is why you need to be able to filter all this “slag”. This skill will come with experience, so we will not emphasize it.

Beginning to train, our dear athlete (or sportswoman) remember these things:

    1. Don’t chase the weights. Starting to train you need to learn the technique of the exercise to create a neuromuscular connection (the ability to include in the work and feel exactly those muscles that we train). It is also necessary to create a muscle corset, thereby strengthening the muscles that are atrophied compared to a trained person, to strengthen the stabilizer muscles for more accurate coordination in exercises, to strengthen the tendon and ligament apparatus. All of this is accomplished with quality training, good technique and a balanced diet (with enough micro and macro nutrients for your goal) so that the body, roughly speaking, has something to build from. Besides, chasing weights usually doesn’t end well. Not only is it impossible to achieve your goal in a short period of time, but there is a chance of serious injury. And, if a muscle injury is not so terrible, then an injury to a joint or ligament can cause you serious problems, expensive treatment and release from the sport for a long time.


    1. When choosing a method of training, you need to devote at least a month to its implementation. The same goes for diets. Many people start training, but without seeing results they change their training program or use a different diet after a week or two. In fact, the body needs some time to adapt and finally understand what is wanted from it.
    1. This post is dedicated to those who are losing weight. Don’t be weight oriented. Take 1-2 photos before weight loss, take measurements. Once a week compare the silhouette in the mirror and on the photo, re-measure the measurements and compare. At first, for a weight loss beginner, simultaneous muscle growth and fat loss is possible, so you may not just not lose weight, but even gain! But the main thing is that everything is decided by the numbers not on the scale, but on the measuring tape. And thus, having gained muscle mass and removed fat mass, you will improve your health and appearance will be much better.
    1. As I said above, when searching for sports information we get a lot of slag. Therefore, until you have learned to filter it by forming clear sports axioms, you should check the same information in several sources and compare it. This way you are more likely to find true and proven in practice information.

All these judgments were made based on my sports experience. This information will be discussed in more detail in a subsequent series of articles.

All these judgments were made based on my sporting experience.

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