Hockey and the child: whether it is worth it to give your son to the section

When a child grows up and he has a desire to make his hobby hockey, he does not realize what even physical and sometimes emotional difficulties, he will have to go through. After all, training until the fall, compared to instilling strict discipline, much easier given to young boys. How to understand whether it is worth giving your boy in the hockey section – read on.

The first test will be the age of decision

The age when boys should be given to the section ranges from five to seven years old, but not older. Although, there are so many examples of famous hockey players who started hockey at the age of 15 – 18. At such a young age, boys learn the basics of hockey and face their first obstacle – the ability to work in a team. If your child is not socially active, it will be very difficult for him to blend in with the team.

The second test will be understanding the coach and being able to find common ground

Often, coaches in such an institution very strictly regulate the rules and are even ready to punish unnecessary exercises for any fault. If your child is emotionally ready to withstand the pressure of both pleasant and unpleasant criticism, it is quite possible to expect high results.

The third test will be public speaking

A lot of young guys are constrained by the public, because of the fear of being ridiculed, noticed and photographed in an awkward angle. No one will teach you the basics of public behavior in hockey school, but you will be able to understand it immediately at your performance.

The fourth step in raising a young hockey player will be the first wins

They will either relax, or on the contrary will motivate to achieve even greater victories. Even if the first performance, for your son will be unsuccessful, do not rush together with him to grieve, it is better to show him your love and your support, so you will achieve a better result than you will be fussy or on the contrary scold for failure. In boys hockey love to accept any situation with a pivot inside and unwavering pride in participation.

The fifth step is buying professional equipment

And the fifth and final step, one of the most important and costly will be the equipment for your young athlete. It is not cheap and at the first stage, usually it takes a year and a half, will be spent not small sums on a complete package of equipment: special clothes, shields, helmet, and then the stick and puck.

Let this information help you and your child decide. Perhaps the second Alexander Ovechkin is growing in him.

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